Potatoes Bound in Platinum: The Best of Tychy Fiction.


This purports to be a selection of the best of Tychy Fiction, and whilst some of the choices are merely personal favourites, these potatoes, bound as they are in platinum, provide a representative sampler of the short-stories and sketches which are featured regularly on Tychy. Welcome to Edinburgh in the twenty-first century.

1.) Annihilation.

2.) Biggy.

3.) Unmann’d by Folly.

4.) The Christians.

5.) Musophobia.

6.) An Epilogue to Musophobia.

7.) Heebie Jeebies.

8.) Revenge Play.

9.) Fishface.

10.) The Agency Workers (8): featuring Jack Potato.

11.) A Call from the Deep.

12.) The Conjugal Bed.




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