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I was walking in the Meadows at lunchtime with my wife, Polly, when we came across Christopher, a pleasant young man who I had met at one of Andrew’s parties. He told me an anecdote which is presently doing the rounds amongst the students up at the University:

A student kept a red tailed snake in a glass tank beside her bed. There was no way for the snake to get out of this tank. One night, the student woke to find the snake in bed with her – laid out alongside her, as straight as a pencil. The snake was returned to its tank. Several nights later, the student again awoke to find the snake laid out beside her. When the snake was next taken to the vet to be preened, the student mentioned the odd incidents in the night.

“Woah!” the vet exclaimed, “You have to get rid of that snake! Get rid of it!””

“Err… why?”

And Christopher smiled. “It’s measuring you. It’s calculating whether or not it will be able to eat you…”