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Tori and I were drinking gin and tonics in the Cameo bar. I felt very light-headed, as if my mind had receded and my speech was running ahead of me like a small child – seemingly with a liveliness all of its own. I was amusing and exciting Tori, and she was smiling at me in encouragement. We left the bar and took a taxi back to my apartment. In the living room, on the sofa, we were kissing and fumbling at each others’ clothes. My hands were all over Tori and she was murmuring with delight, guiding them – down, down – down to her thighs, directing them – here, there – until they finally found the warm spot between her buttocks. I put my finger in, rooting around, but she urged me to push further. Gingerly, I dug several fingers in and, as her groans got deeper, in went the entire hand. “More, more” she insisted. Soon both hands had penetrated, followed by my arms. I then closed my eyes and, with heightening amazement, I forced my whole head through. I plunged into the darkness and my legs slipped in after me, kicking frantically.

 I had disappeared up Tori’s bottom. I was swimming and instinctively rose, towards a ceiling of light. I was suspended, kicking, within a huge interior, as vast as that of a cathedral. Finally, I broke through the surface. I was bathed in warm sunlight and, as my eyes adjusted, I realised that I was swimming towards a Caribbean island.

 Marcin waited for me on the beach. His body was golden and the sun had taken the colour out of his hair. When my feet found hard sand, I ran towards him, almost out of my mind with wonder.

“Aw, you finally found me!” Marcin cried.

 “Oh God Marcin, it is so good to see you!” Happiness was dipping and swooping, above me, around me, each swoop more forceful than the last, each threatening to overwhelm me…

“Welcome to my island. We can stay here for as long as you want. Forever. And we can smoke. We will never run out of weed on this island.” He threw back his arm, indicating field after field of marijuana crop. The Jamaican peasants harvesting in the fields took off their bonnets and waved them in the air, cheering in unison.

“Why are you crying?” Marcin asked with gentle astonishment.

“Oh it’s so beautiful. I’m too happy. I’m afraid to believe it… I’m afraid to believe that this is real…”

 “This cannot be real,” Marcin agreed sadly. For I was already aware that my bedroom was full of light and that my mobile phone was going beep beep beep beep.