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“Long after Odoherty’s time, Guinness‘ Dublin porter came into note in rivalry with “London Stout.” The story goes that Guinness had no great note until the full body of one particular brewing attracted the attention of those who malt. On cleaning out the vat, there were found the bones and part of the dress of one of the workmen, who had been missing for some weeks. Guinness, it is said, sang small about the matter, but to give his porter the required body, instead of boiling down a man, as before, substituted a side of beef, and has continued the ingredient from that time to this.”

 [No mention of this breakthrough is made on the Guinness website. Ed.]

Mackenzie, R. Shelton. Footnote. Miscellaneous Writings of the Late Dr. Maginn. By William Maginn. Redfield: New York, 1855. 4