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“We are informed that Thomas, 27th baron Howth, married in 1750, Isabella, the Earl of Kingston’s sister, who died in 1794; and that his second son, Thomas, was born in 1795. This is, I think, an important fact in midwifery… Let us turn to Lord Clarina. There we learn that Nathaniel William, the 2nd Lord, was born in 1796, married Penelope, daughter of M. R. Westropp, Esq., had a daughter in 1797, and a son (the present Lord Clarina), in 1798, besides other children, and died a Lieutenant-General in 1810, aged of course fourteen years… George Paulett, of Amport, twelfth Marquis of Winchester, married, in 1812, Martha Ingoldsby, who died in 1796. In spite of this droll taste of marrying a woman sixteen years after her death, he had three children; and it is not the least wonderful circumstance, that he himself died in 1800, twelve years before his marriage. I have a dim recollection of reading in Mr. Lewis’s Tales of Wonder, an account of a ghost wedding: but I did not know till now that he had such authentic warant for the circumstance.”

William Maginn. Fraserian Papers of the Late Dr. William Maginn: Annotated with a Life of the Author. Ed. Dr. R. Shelton Mackenzie. Redfield: New York, 1857. xxiii-xxiv