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Maxim One Hundred and Third

The Scotch writers of our day seem to consider it as an established thing, that their country furnishes the best breakfast in Europe; but this I cannot swallow – I mean the assertion, not the breakfast, which I admit to be excellent, but deny to be peerless. The fact is that breakfast is among the things that have never yet received any thing like the attention merited. The best breakfast is unquestionably that of France; their coffee, indeed, is not quite equal to that of Germany, but the eatables are unrivalled; and I may be wrong, but somehow or other I can never help thinking that French wines are better in the morning than any others. It is here that we are behind every other nation in Europe – the whole of us, English, Scotch, and Irish; we take no wine at breakfast.”

Maxim One Hundred and Sixth

…The best breakfast-dram is whisky, when it is really very old and fine, but brandy is more commonly to be had in perfection among the majority of my readers. Cherry brandy is not the thing at breakfast; it is too sweet and not strong enough.”

William Maginn. “Maxims of Odoherty” The Odoherty Papers of the Late William Maginn, L.L.D. Ed. Dr. Shelton Mackenzie. Vol 1. New York: Redfield, 1885. 159-161.