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I recently became aware that we were approaching the website’s 500th post and I decided that the 500th post would itself be an illustration of Tycienski mooning Edinburgh from Arthur’s Seat – an image which encapsulates the loneliness and responsibility of blogging in a very sophisticated way. Needless to say, the 500th post mark came and went before I got around to completing the illustration. The website may now contain over 500 essays, book reviews, short stories, illustrations, and journalistic accounts of all my adventures, but this is both an achievement and a disadvantage. Like a rag and bone yard, the website is too huge and messy for my poor readers to easily find what they want.  In the past, I have occasionally schemed to relaunch Tychy as a proper independent website, but there is now too much content.

Will there be another 500 posts? I have an almost superstitious conviction that my best writing is behind me, and I am also anxious to avoid repeating any material. Inspiration is like fishing, as T. S.  Eliot saw, and I may just stop pulling ideas out of the river of life.

Tychy raises a glass to toast anybody who has visited this website. Cheers.

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