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Robin gazed with dismay, and astonishment, on the unprecedented physiognomy of the speaker. The forehead with its double prominence, the broad-hooked nose, the shaggy eyebrows, and fiery eyes, were those which he had noticed at the inn, but the man’s complexion had undergone a singular, or, more properly, a two-fold change. One side of the face blazed an intense red, while the other was black as midnight, the division line being in the broad bridge of the nose; and a mouth which seemed to extend from ear to ear was black or red, in contrast to the color of the cheek. The effect was as if two individual devils, a fiend of fire and a fiend of darkness, had united themselves to form this infernal visage.

Nathaniel Hawthorne, “My Kinsman, Major Molineux” (1831).

[Tychy‘s series of illustrations to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s fiction resumes for 2012. Please check out the previous 29 images – they can all be found here – and some of them may be newly uploaded in eye-watering pixillation with my new scanner. Ed.]