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[In view of the feminist politics of Matt Morillo’s “Angry Young Women…,” Tychy has invited Clytemnestra Le Blow, Professor of Contemporary Gender Issues at Napier University’s human resources department, to review this play.]

So I go to see this play from Ines Wurth Presents and you know it’s looking pretty good, pretty hot on stage, and it’s feminist but it’s written by one of those male style babes, Matt Morillo from New York and I love the venue, I mean I love this venue so much, because it’s in the nightclub of the Gilded Balloon and it’s the sorta place you just wanna let everything swing to the music, you know, but I have two words, I mean just two words! TIERED SEATING! I’m only four rows back and I can see diddly fuck! I mean I can see a small square of this play through a chink between a couple’s heads but it’s like watching a meeting between ants in a crack in the pavement and so fuck knows what the people nine rows back can see, but I don’t wanna come down hard on this play, I mean I love you guys and how you care so much about the whole crazy, fuck-me business of being a lady who just wants to get naked and nasty, but the terms and cons, the sex drugs you have to take, make you so VOLATILE!, and I mean what are these assholes trying to say about us, I mean did they find this play bricked up in a fucking fossil from the Neanderthal days, because they’re insinuating that we’re all just crazy-moody and isn’t this fucking a sorta variation upon office jokes about periods from the 1960s or some stand-up by Bernard Manning, oh but just listen to me, I mean don’t listen to me, I mean there is something just so lovely and perfect about all these guys, I mean it’s all such fun when they’re fooling about, okay but listen to me, no just CONCENTRATE ON ME FOR ONCE OKAY, yeah the play is only fun when you FORGET about all of its fucking politics, and Mr Tychy says to me yeah hey we have to stick with these guys because they wrote last year’s “The Inventor and the Escort” and we shouldn’t pull out when things get rough, now that they’re getting one-star reviews and I say, hey pal you’re disqualified because of your dick, okay, and because of that ballsack you have dangling there which is possibly the ugliest thing ever sewn up by Mother Nature, oh but I’m sorry, I mean it’s all the pill, these people are amazing and beautiful and truly perfect and I’m going to give them five stars and, hey, did I just hear you trying to force me to give these jerks five stars, I’m on my period for fuck’s sake, how can you be so insensitive? HOW CAN YOU BE SO INSENSITIVE? They’re getting zilch, howda like that, oh but I love them all so much!