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The thousandth post on Tychy deserves, I feel, splashing out with the Bic biro and updating the header. This new header is currently on probation; I’ll need several weeks to see if I can live with it in the long term. It seems an injustice that the new header will end up over the old posts. It would be appropriate for the ineptly drawn moon to continue shining over the clunky old posts, with the inept planet continuing to vomit over their sometimes painful prose.

Also gone are the fiction specials “The Hill to Bedfordshire” and “Moonbat.” They’re no longer the best advert for Tychy fiction in 2014. Both are, in their own way, enjoyable “long short stories,” and so they’ll be serialised anew on Tychy over the coming weeks and thus enter retirement under the “Short Stories” category. They’re replaced by the new fiction samplers “Tales of Ghosts and Witches” and “Satirical Stories.”

There will soon be a significant piece of fiction serialised on Tychy, probably over Christmas. It’s provisionally entitled “Up at the House” and there’s so far a scary 14000 words of it. Not so much a novella as a cycle of interconnected short stories, “Up at the House” will feature that most Victorian of storylines, the theft of an Indian diamond.