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Ted’s hands were knotted into fists. “Madam, you’re supposed to get lost in a labyrinth! You cannot get lost in a two-dimensional… pattern on the floor!”

The Labyrinth.

I’d say that the time has come to resume Tychy‘s Downton Abbey style country-house soap opera and detective mystery “Up at the House.” The series was written in Lisbon last November. I’d planned to serialise it over the summer, but I had to give up after nine instalments due to the Fringe. Now, however, the series can continue uninterrupted.

Future instalments will be very frightening because they will feature faeries. Some characters will die; others will reveal terrible secrets.

“Up at the House” will resume next week.

INTRODUCTION to “Up at the House.”

The prince beamed, with an almost demonic lustre, and then he immediately knew what action was required. “Madam,” he proclaimed. “I have searched your entire nation for something which I had never found until now. I am delighted and very relieved to be able to extend my congratulations to you. And as a token of my gratitude, I would like you to accept this, a gift to you and your family from my own kingdom.”

And with this he brandished a handkerchief from his left breast pocket, extracted the Indian diamond from the right, dumped it into her helpless hands and paraded back into the foliage, trailing his battered umbrella.

The Story of the Indian Diamond.