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The new girl was sitting about in the kitchen, unsure of how to help in the running of the household. She had even volunteered to be a kitchen porter, which many in the kitchen had regarded as a noble gesture. The kitchen porters had petted her and they had given her a blackened casserole pot, which they assured her was one of the nicest and most interesting things in the kitchen to scrub. “The No-Go Rooms” (July).

“Up At The House” is Tychy‘s ongoing country house, murder-mystery soap opera. The series has been a difficult trick to get right. Readers who want to dip into Tychy from time to time should still be regaled with the normal ghosts and fairies, through short stories which can be admired and then abandoned with no strings attached. But, if you wish, you should be also able to follow the string of the narrative until you have a complete necklace of raindrops.

Here is a guide to where we are so far in the series.

Up At The House: A Teaser. A scene of violence.
The Front Door. We meet Janet and her new servant.
The Garden. We meet Marvin the gardener.
The Red Carpet. We meet Janet’s dog Benjamin.
The Room Under The Eaves. Janet commences an investigation.
The No-Go Rooms. The new servant is defeated.
The Armchair. We meet Andrew Worthingham, his son, and his solicitor.
The Story Of The Indian Diamond. We learn the story of the indian diamond.
The Labyrinth. We hear about the Worthinghams’ suspicious neighbours.
The Coracles Of Tubers. We meet the Worthinghams’ guests.
The Dolls’ House. Janet begins the story of the Waldingham fairies.
The Waldingham Woods. Lu makes a discovery in the woods.
The Story Of Mrs Man. Lu learns the unsettling secrets of Gerald Man.
The Fairy Carriage. The fairies arrive.
The Tank. More fairies arrive.
The Figure On The Lawn. Janet’s story is interrupted and we meet Chief Inspector Upensky and his men.
The Nursery Times. Janet’s story is concluded.
Tori’s Story (A Dean Village Horror). Tori tells a horror story.
Ted’s Story (The Ash Tree). Ted tells a love story.
Phoning Up And Down. Andrew receives a mysterious phone call.