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Tychy is relieved to report that after the uncertainties of the last week, the social media project, an independent Scotland, looks set to continue.

An independent Scotland is edited by the writer Mike Small and it features contributions from figures as diverse as Nicola Sturgeon, Alex Salmond, and John Swinney. The project has many fans and supporters, but on Monday it was suddenly on the verge of closure.

The advisory board of an independent Scotland confirmed its plan to close “unless an urgent fundraising appeal can be met.” Mike Small said that he would be stepping down as editor because the position was “financially precarious.” According to a statement on the website, “The Board is looking at other funding models and is appealing for urgent help to finance the country in a more permanent way in a year when a second independence referendum is very likely to be called.”

Yet the board have now revealed that they did have some money after all. Happily, the situation was not quite so desperate as all of the project’s loyal supporters, who had foregone this week’s Tunnock’s teacakes to send in their spare pennies, had been led to believe.

In other news, the online political campaign Bella Caledonia is struggling to get to grips with a deficit of over £15 billion in 2015-16. The editor, Nicola Sturgeon, explained sheepishly that, “we’re holding a fundraising cèilidh next week in Glasgow’s Sad Cafe at 19:30, but we’re not going to raise taxes through any sort of subscription charge or reduce spending. Ideally, a generous Sugar Daddy would reach deep into their pockets and buy us. We have the EU in mind, but they’re still hesitant after the last debt crisis when they spent billions bailing out National Collective.”

Late last night, the President-Elect, Donald Trump, tweeted, in a succession of tweets, “Bella Caledonia, loada crap guys! Totally overrated! Page after page of BORING, grey… I mean, what is this stuff? Tanking business model. These guys can’t organize A BLOG! Get over themselves!” Everybody agreed that the President-Elect’s comments were unhelpful.