Tales of Ghosts and Witches.

Tychy regularly publishes short stories about ghosts and witches and these stories are characteristically set in and around Edinburgh. Some of these stories are frightening and others are not, but none of them are intended for children.


Illustration to “The Conjugal Bed.”

1. Jack Potato.

2. Unmann’d by Folly.

3. While You’re Asleep.

4. Revenge Play.

5. Blindness.


Illustration to “A Call from the Deep.”

6. The Fairy Boy of Leith.

7. An Epilogue to Musophobia.

8. The Conjugal Bed.

9. A Call from the Deep.

10. The House Across the Street.

11. Hideaway.

12. Home Wrecker (Part 1 and Part 2).


Illustration to “The House Across the Street.”

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